Decool 3368 Porsche (Lego Clone)

Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna be reviewing the decool 3368 Porsche, which is a clone of the lego Porsche. The original goes for 300$ and at 80$, the decool option is tempting. For 2700 pieces, it’s a great value. So let’s get right into it.

First off, the box. I didn’t take any pictures, but it came well packaged and the stickers and Manuel were in perfect condition. The Manuel is clear and well printed and I was able to differentiate the colors well. On to the upsides of this set:

Right away, the pieces were of actual decent quality. There was the occasional too-lose or too-tight pin, but for the most part they went together well.

The gearbox works well, only after a slight modification. This modification is on YouTube, link is here. The suspension is also good. Basically all the mechanical functions work perfectly.

The wheels are amazing. Great quality, better than lepin (Which, by the way, their clone and technic pieces kind of suck.)

And finally, they give you mini display plate that shows information about the real car. A nice touch that isn’t included with the original set. +1 for that, decool.

Now for the downsides.

First off, the stickers. No Porsche branding. No big deal. The stickers themselves were of good quality. If you care a lot about the Porsche name, you can buy the original stickers on eBay for 20$.

There was only one missing piece in this whole set for me was an 11 hole orange beam. instead I was given an extra 13 hole beam. I just took the extra and cut the last two holes off and made it 11 holes. I could have asked the seller to send a replacement but I was too lazy and didn’t want to wait.

Finally, some pieces have rough edges. Not much else to say about this. You can sand it if it really bothers you.

If you don’t have 300$ to shell out for the original, this decool model is a great option. Seller was H&H on AliExpress. Great communication, and very fast shipping. I highly recommend them.

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