Lepin Fire Brigade Review (15004)

Hello everyone. Today I’ll be reviewing my Lepin 15004 Fire Brigade, a clone of lego’s original 10197 Fire Brigade Set. 

Right away, here’s the completed build.

To the left and right are both buildings from a genuine lego pet shop set. As you can see, it blends right in. If your have other modulars already, It will be impossible to tell that it is Lepin unless you inspect VERY closely at the studs, as lepin studs have no lego logo on them.

By itself. 

One thing to note: the base plates are ever so slightly thicker than lego base plates. This makes it incompatible with the technic locking mechanism that genuine lego buildings have. If you’re going to only buy LEPIN buildings, it won’t be a problem. I had to buy a real baseplate to build this one.

Now the first floor – Nothing of note here, exactly the same as lego. Some accessories, an area for the fire truck to stay in, all seems good. 

Now the interesting floor, the second floor. It has a ping pong table, Fire pole that leads down to the first floor, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a couch, and a cabinet. Everything is very nice and plenty of great spots to pose minifigures. 

Now the roof. It’s very nice, with the door , water tower, 1932 sign, and bell tower. Two big differences with the original lego set: one, the tower is not shiny gold, it’s more of a plain yellowish gold color. Also, the string used to hold the tower is not one piece. It is a piece of string that you tie each end to a hook and then attach to the tower. I had the real lego piece for this so I used it for that part.

Finally, the fire truck. It’s a good warmup build before the real set begins, and it’s great. Good quality tires and tubes. Good for putting minifigures on. 

There is two slight downsides to this set, however. One, the manual has really bad colors. It’s extremely hard to differentiate black from dark grey. It made some parts complicated and required a lot of thought. Also, the door does not open at ALL with the original sliding door pieces. I have to cut out some plastic and add WD-40 to get the door to move smoothly. Now it works perfectly. If it’s too much of a hassle you can order the pieces on line, but I was impatient.

Overall I am extremely happy with the set. Now that the original is discontinued and goes for over 200$, spending 60$ for lepin shipped, even with the few downsides, is the better choice. I highly recommend this set. 

Here’s the link to the product page: http://s.aliexpress.com/Br2meeai

Thank you everyone for reading! Please be sure to follow my blog so that you always get my reviews early. More reviews to come!


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