LOZ Imperial Hotel Review

Hey guys, it’s time for another review! This time its another set from LOZ, the Imperial Hotel. It costs ~20-30$ on AliExpress, while the original lego version (Now discontinued) went for 130$! I also have a coupon code for LEPIN sets at the end. Alright, let’s see how good it is.

I didn’t take any picture of the packaging, but it came in a reasonably sized yellow envelope. Inside was many bags contain 1188 pieces. It’s quite an amazing value for the price. One thing of note: as stated in my previous LOZ review the bricks are 2/3 the size of LEGO pieces and are incompatible with standard size lego pieces and clones. I’ll elaborate more later.

The instructions were clear and well printed, but weren’t an exact photocopy from the original lego manuel. Still very good!

On to brick quality: the flat tiles (which there are a lot of) had no scratches on them, unlike what is seen with some other brick brands. The clear pieces were pretty clear as well. Only issue is that the pieces don’t clutch as strong as I’d like, but it’s perfectly fine since the model doesn’t come apart when you pick it up.

Another really nice thing is the fact that a printed tile is included. It’s very good quality and it hasn’t chipped or anything.

The model design itself is exactly the same as the lego one, so not much to explain here. It was enjoyable build and interesting to see the building take shape as you build, although it was a bit repetitive.

The ONLY issue I has was a missing 1×2 flat tile piece. I was able to replace it from another LOZ set I had that had it in its extra pieces.  This was surprising to me as this set came with at least 50 extra pieces! I think the idea behind this is that since these parts are 2/3 the size of lego pieces and aren’t cross compatable, that you can build up your own collection of LOZ parts using the massive amount of extra pieces included with each set.

Overall, for 20-30$ there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy this set. It’s an outstanding value really. Plus, the model is a great display price and is really appealing to the eye. You can order here:


If you have friends who are a fan of the architecture series share this with them 🙂 Thank you for reading!


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