LOZ Burger King Mini set review

Hey guys, I’ve got a really interesting set to review for you. It’s this tiny LOZ mini modular- style building. This is a part of a large series of mini buildings called the “Mini street” series. They’re really cheap, 5$ shipped from China, and awesome fun little builds. I have the Burger King set here, but they have apple, Nike, and lots of other big brands.

Tada, here it is. You can see the fake Burger King logo, outside decorations, and the mechanism for joining buildings together. I REALLY like the design of it. The 1×4 tall strip to the left makes the building look modern. It doesn’t look like any Burger King I’ve ever been to, but for some reason it feels like one.

One important thing to note is that these blocks are 2/3rd the size of standard lego pieces, so they aren’t compatible with mini modulars, nor are they at the same scale. All the mini street series buildings are in the same scale though.

What’s awesome is that they even have the back decorated with an interior. It sort of makes it like a mall with all the open fronts. There’s even a logo at the back! Note that the logo is a sticker, not a printed tile.  

Closer look at the interior.

It’s got 2 tables and 2 cashier registers.

One unusual thing I noticed was that the second floor is decorated, but there’s no clear way to easily remove the roof. You have to tear apart the model to get into it. This is a really nice piece of detail, even though you never get to see it as the windows aren’t crystal clear. 

There’s really is nothing wrong with the set, it has all the pieces and at least 20 extra, clear instructions (though I don’t have any pics of it) and it even comes with a tiny minifigure! 

Again, this set is 5$ on AliExpress. Pretty cheap considering you get  about 300 pieces. Once you buy one, you’ll keep wanting more.



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