Review LOZ Mini Street Sport Shop

I’ve got another LOZ Mini street set! This time it’s the “sport shop” which is a clear reference to Nike. The store certainly “feels” like a Nike shop, and I quite like it as it has an interior and a nice exterior. 

As with all of the LOZ Mini street sets, it has over 300 pieces and some nicely printed instructions, although I would prefer a book style over the large sheet. 

The package is a large yellow envelope. 

It came with two bags an the instruction. Here’s one of them:

Overall, the building experience was nice. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. And it’s a rather long build, should take 30 minutes to and hour for the average person to build. 
Of course, it also has an enterior. One thing of note is this set comes with 3 minifigures, two of which are for the design of the building. 

This set is only 5$, and for that price you really can’t go wrong. They’re great fun and really nice models to put on a shelf or desk. Personally, I prefer this over the Burger King set, but only by a little. I’ll be reviewing more in the future. Thanks for reading! 

This set was purchased from LOZ Ideas store. Link is here:


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  1. How is the overall quality of the bricks compare to Lepin? I’m hoping I can get some of the dinosaur fossils. Also, from some of the pics on aliexpress, it seems like the stubs for loz are slightly taller than lego/lepin. Are they compatible?


    1. It’s confusing with LOZ. There’s 2 sizes: nanoblock size, and 2/3 lego size. 2/3 lego is the one showed in the review, then there’s nanoblock size, which is the one with tall studs. None of these are compatible with each other or with lego. I’ll make a post about this soon. Quality for 2/3 size is amazing, and for nanoblock size it’s decent, not the best clutching (sometimes too strong)


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