Decool Technic 3354 (Clone of Lego 8051 Motorbike)

Today I’ll be doing my second review of a decool technic set. Right off the bat, I’ll say I’m sort of dissapointed in the quality overall, but the model at the end was still rather nice. More on this later. 20$ shipped from AliExpress. Let’s get to the packaging. 

Just a black bag. Nothing special. No box. 

The contents. Everything is packaged nicely and there’s even a brick separator (not the giraffe one!)

So far so good. Opened up the bags and began building. 

First problem comes up: color accuracy was horrendous. Bright white in the manual meant light grey for the pieces, and light grey in the manual meant dark gray pieces. Was very confusing. I tried to show it in the picture below, but it might be hard to see. Trust me, it’s much worse in real life. 

Second issue: quality of the pieces wasn’t as good as the Porsche GT3 for some odd reason. Everything fit way too tight, and my fingers were horribly numb after the build. 

Alright, with those problems out of the way, let’s finish building this thing. 

Nice looking motor. The turning of the pistons wasn’t very smooth and sometimes jammed. 

The completed bike. The springs, tires, gears, and chains were all nice and high quality. 

Close look at the mechanism and gears. 

Was disappointed by the quality of this set. Pieces were too tight and the instructions were horrible. But in the end, it works well enough and is a good display set. For 17$, I’d say it sort of recommend it. It’s not the best lego clone I’ve seen. 
Thanks for reading! More reviews to come! 


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