REVIEW Enlighten City Street Roller

Hey guys, sorry for the delay since the last review, been pretty busy. 

Anywho, let’s get started. Today we’ll be looking at a new brand we haven’t looked at before: Enlighten. This is the Street Roller set. It has 102 pieces. This set was sent to me for review by AliExpress seller Hamtoys, so thank you to them. Their listing is here: and it retails for 5USD with free shipping without the box. It will cost 7USD with the box, which is what I have received here. 

Here’s the package it came in:

Nice. Here’s the contents: 

Please note that if you purchase with a box, it comes folded up and you need to assemble it yourself (mine did, at least). The box has great printing quality and is made of sturdy cardboard. 

Back of the box. Nice printing. Also showcases some more Enlighten sets. 

Halfway through the build. The pieces were of great quality, and even had the word “ENLI” embossed on the studs. One thing I noticed was that the plastic was a little softer, but they were still strong. This set also contains technic pieces which were of amazing quality, surprisingly. They were just the right amount of tight. 

Completed street sweeper. Looks quite nice with the pickle and wheels. 

The back. Chrome piece was good, not scratched up or anything. Tires were of good rubber. 

Minifigure. Lego style, unlike sluban which was completely different styles of minifigure that aren’t the same as lego. The head of the Enlighten figures are slightly more square. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this set. It seems like a great set to add to a brick built city, as it adds a nice variety as opposed to having just a bunch of boring cars. The green color pops and looks great in a city setting. For 5$, it’s pretty impressive. 

Thanks once again to hamtoys for sending this set, their store link is here:

And the listing for this set is here:

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to post reviews more often. 


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