LOZ McDonald’s Mini Street

Yes my friends, yet another LOZ set. Love these sets as you may know, so I got another one. 

This is the McDonald’s set and spoiler alert: it’s my favorite so far. We’ll talk more later, this set was 6$ shipped from china and took a month to arrive, so a bit longer than im used to. Packaging:

These always look the same, don’t they? 


2 bags of parts, one page instructions, and stickers. 

Here’s some of the first floor done. Liking the drive thru window detail, and that space for the rather large door. 

Speaking of the door, it opens! Never seen this in a LOZ set. Pretty cool. 

The completed build. Looks nice. Although I have no idea what the red and yellow thing at the front left side is. Ronald McDonald is my best guess. There’s also a nice street light. 

The back. Nice interior with a menu area and a counter. 

Better look at the interior.

My street so far! 

Once again very satisfied with LOZ. As I stated before in any previous reviews, the bricks are NOT the same size as lego, but aren’t as small as nano blocks either. 

Anyways, I totally recommend this set. If if you’ve been hesitant about purchasing these sets, I recommend getting this. 

Thanks for reading! 


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