4 In 1 Contruction Vehicle Pack Set Review (Part 1)

Here’s a bit of an odd one: this bootlego set has 4 mini sets within it, each at around 25 pieces. It has no brand name other than “Kids Fun” and is based around 4 construction vehicles. It costs 9$, which I think is a little steep. I’ll be reviewing 2 of them now, and 2 in a later review.

1495996875908The bag.

This I definitely wasn’t expecting. It came in this little cloth bag that makes it seem like something you’d give as a gift, which is a great idea for Christmas.

Four bags, each with their own pieces and instructions. I’ll be reviewing the dump truck and the excavator for now, and in another review I’ll do the front loader and mixer.

Here are the pieces and instructions for the dump truck. It also has a sticker sheet.

The completed model. Pieces fit together really well and the tires were, in fact, rubber. The transparent pieces were a bit cloudy but not scratched up.

The container actually tilts!

The pieces and incructions. Also a sticker sheet.

Now the excavator. This model had around the same amount of pieces. Same rubber tires and cloudy/non scratched pieces. The front “bucket” also moves, and is surprisingly sturdy. I expected it to break the moment I moved it. It did break after repeated movement, but was easily reattached.

Don’t really like the way the back looks. It seems to flat and the window has no roof. This is probably my least favorite of the 4 sets. At 9$, I’m not too happy about this one. I did like the dump truck, however. I’ll talk about the other 2 models in the second part of this review.

This set was sent to me by “Children’s toy supermarket store” on aliexpress. The link is here:


Big thanks to them! Stay tuned for the second part of this review.


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