[Part 2] 4 in 1 Construction Vehicle Set REVIEW

This is part two of the 4 in 1 Construction Vehicle set that includes 4 Construction vehicle models, two of which I have already reviewed. You can see it here. If you’ve already read it, read on.

This set costs 8$ on Aliexpress and has been giving me impressive results in terms of model and set quality. We’ll talk more about this later.

Let’s start off with the third set, which is the  cement mixer. Instructions, sticker sheet, and pieces. img_5263

Here’s the completed model. It has transparent pieces and moving pieces (yes, the mixing drum does rotate). The piece are of great quality and fit together nicely, and the stickers are well printed. The tires are also real rubber. I like this model a lot as it’s quite sturdy and doesn’t break when moving or playing with it.


Next, we have the front loader. Instructions, sticker sheet, pieces, the usual. Again, everything is of nice quality.

The completed model. The front loader, by far, is my favorite vehicle out of all 4 included in this set. It bares the most resemblance to what it’s trying to replicate out of all 4, in my opinion. Not that it really matters, since you buy all 4 vehicles at once. The front part actually swivels up and can tilt the “bucket” forward.

I was surprised by the quality of this set, as it seems to be a sketchy no-name brand unlike LOZ, Lepin, etc. I would recommend this set as a gift for anyone as it already comes in a gift bag and include 4 sets.

This set was sent to me by “Children’s toy supermarket store” on aliexpress. The link is here:


Big thanks to them!




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