Lepin Fire Brigade Review (15004)

Hello everyone. Today I'll be reviewing my Lepin 15004 Fire Brigade, a clone of lego's original 10197 Fire Brigade Set.  Right away, here's the completed build. To the left and right are both buildings from a genuine lego pet shop set. As you can see, it blends right in. If your have other modulars already,... Continue Reading →


LOZ Architecture Empire State Building (Lego Clone)

Hey guys! Just a really quick review for today. As you may know, Lego architecture sets have some of the worst markups of any lego set. The Empire State Building costs 20$ for 70 pieces! Fortunately, LOZ makes a clone of the set for only 4$ shipped from china. Link is here:http://s.aliexpress.com/UZzUVBfY Right away, no... Continue Reading →

Decool 3368 Porsche (Lego Clone)

Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna be reviewing the decool 3368 Porsche, which is a clone of the lego Porsche. The original goes for 300$ and at 80$, the decool option is tempting. For 2700 pieces, it's a great value. So let's get right into it. First off, the box. I didn't take any pictures, but... Continue Reading →

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