[Part 2] 4 in 1 Construction Vehicle Set REVIEW

This is part two of the 4 in 1 Construction Vehicle set that includes 4 Construction vehicle models, two of which I have already reviewed. You can see it here. If you've already read it, read on. This set costs 8$ on Aliexpress and has been giving me impressive results in terms of model and... Continue Reading →


4 In 1 Contruction Vehicle Pack Set Review (Part 1)

Here's a bit of an odd one: this bootlego set has 4 mini sets within it, each at around 25 pieces. It has no brand name other than "Kids Fun" and is based around 4 construction vehicles. It costs 9$, which I think is a little steep. I'll be reviewing 2 of them now, and... Continue Reading →

LOZ McDonald’s Mini Street

Yes my friends, yet another LOZ set. Love these sets as you may know, so I got another one.  This is the McDonald's set and spoiler alert: it's my favorite so far. We'll talk more later, this set was 6$ shipped from china and took a month to arrive, so a bit longer than im... Continue Reading →

REVIEW Enlighten City Street Roller

Hey guys, sorry for the delay since the last review, been pretty busy.  Anywho, let's get started. Today we'll be looking at a new brand we haven't looked at before: Enlighten. This is the Street Roller set. It has 102 pieces. This set was sent to me for review by AliExpress seller Hamtoys, so thank... Continue Reading →

LOZ Donut Shop/Dunkin Donuts Review

Back again with another LOZ Mini street review! I have said it time and time again, I love these sets. They're cheap, beautiful, and fun to build. This specific set is modleled after Dunkin Donuts, and my impressions are very positive. The set costs about 6$ shipped from AliExpress. Yadda, yadda, yadda, whatever. Let's jump... Continue Reading →

LOZ Burger King Mini set review

Hey guys, I've got a really interesting set to review for you. It's this tiny LOZ mini modular- style building. This is a part of a large series of mini buildings called the "Mini street" series. They're really cheap, 5$ shipped from China, and awesome fun little builds. I have the Burger King set here,... Continue Reading →

LOZ Imperial Hotel Review

Hey guys, it's time for another review! This time its another set from LOZ, the Imperial Hotel. It costs ~20-30$ on AliExpress, while the original lego version (Now discontinued) went for 130$! I also have a coupon code for LEPIN sets at the end. Alright, let's see how good it is. I didn't take any... Continue Reading →

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